Lamb Bacon | 1/2 lb
Lamb Bacon | 1/2 lbLamb Bacon | 1/2 lb


At Boutique we are always trying to outperform ourselves and so taking lamb and turning it into a bacon form was a mighty achievement on the culinary side.

Awarded best of its class in Food Prep and nominated as best bacon in its category, we know this meltaway lamb bacon will serve you well. Surprise any guest with these delights and be amazed at their reaction. Complete jaw-dropping reactions are common. Serve on a Boutique Burger or with a full English Breakfast You won’t be disappointed.

This bacon is so easy to make— cast iron is ideal but do not fear as all pans work just as well. Wait until defrosted, and lay them straight on the pan, no oil necessary If you want to spice the bacon strips up a bit, have fun with it and customize it to your desired result.

This is the chance to test lamb bacon something very uncommon and a delicacy among meat
½ Pound per pack


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