At Boutique Burger, kashrut comes first, everything we do is overseen by world-class shochtim (kosher-slaughters) and professional supervisors to ensure our meats are strictly kosher to the highest standard.

All our red meat is produced under the strict supervision of Star-K and Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush

We are Glatt Kosher Beit Yosef, the highest level. All Rose Veal and Lamb are Beit Yoseif without any additional markings on the package.

We do all our processing in a clean, organized and of the highest quality facility where we can personally supervise every step of the process. Our shochtim uphold the highest standards of kashrut to ensure your trust in Boutique. They prioritize checking their knives thoroughly and inspect the lungs of each animal (for beef). Lastly, and most importantly we ensure that each animal is treated humanely, without electric prods or other painful techniques.


Letters of Certification · Letter of Kosher and Chalak Beit Yosef L'Sephardim certification from the Star K

Kosher certificate VAAD HAKASHRUS of FLATBUSH